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Two-Month Reversal for Stage IV Breast Cancer

The Corinne Bruce Story


We all know the story of why chemotherapy and radiation are not the best choices for cancer, especially advanced cases.  But do alternative breast cancer treatments work in advanced Stage IV metastatic disease?  We simply need to turn to Corinne Bruce’s story to show how that is indeed the case.

Corinne came to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers in February 2013 with a case of Stage IV breast cancer that had spread to the bones.  Her belief in alternative breast cancer treatments led her Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.


Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments In Action

Her story so far is short and sweet.  It is best if we let her say it in her own words:

I was originally diagnoCorinne Bruce - Alternative Breast Cancer Treatmentssed with Stage II breast cancer in October 2012, at 45 years old.  The doctors told me my options of chemotherapy, radiation and potential surgeries; however, I needed to have a PET scan because there was something worrisome on my MRI.

It may seem odd to read that I am thankful that the PET scan indicated metastases to my bone, thus putting me at Stage IV cancer; but I do feel thankful because it required me to look at alternative treatments more seriously.

I went to Hope4Cancer in February 2013 and had my CA 15-3 cancer marker of 194 (normal range for the CA 15-3 is zero to 35).   It is now April of 2013 -eight weeks later- and I have cancer markers at 39!

I cannot say enough about the physicians and nurses, at Hope4Cancer–the professionalism, the approach to treatments, the way you are treated as a whole person is a remarkable and healing experience.  The support that you receive from all the staff–from those who clean the facility and your room, to the ones who juice vegetables, to those who prepare your meals and ensure that you receive the nutritional balance you require – I attribute my success to all of them.


Alternative or Conventional?  You Need To Know This

Alternative Cancer TreatmentsCan everyone have the same story?  Not always.  People respond to treatments at different rates, and that is something that people need to understand about treating cancer, even when they use alternative methods.  Everyone’s body is different.Cancers themselves are different and how they communicate and respond to your body’s “prodding” makes a difference.

Although Corinne’s numbers look phenomenal, she still needs to continue with her treatments long term in a disciplined manner to ensure that she can claim a full victory.  Doing your treatments with the right guidance and following all the steps, like Corinne has been doing, is fundamental to success.

Let us look at some of the benefits of going alternative vs. conventional:

  • Non-Toxic.  Our treatments don’t add toxic substances or radiation to the body.
  • No Physical Damage.  Unlike chemotherapy that can act like a poison or radiation that can burn and kill healthy cells as well as cancer cells, alternative treatments are gentle and stimulate the body to heal itself.
  • Better Survival Prognosis.   Many of our breast cancer survivors live on to live happy and productive lives.  In the conventional world the story is slightly different.  Breast cancer mortality rates have been going down but not because the treatments are working, but because early detection is improving.   As the cancer progresses, your options get really limited. According to the American Cancer Society, the 5-year survival rate for Stage IV breast cancer is down at 15% using conventional therapies. 
  • Lowered Susceptibility to Recurrence and Other Infections.  Most chemotherapy simply kills the immune system.  That is a paradox in cancer treatments, because the only way the body knows how to fight against cancer is by using its immune system!  Our treatments do not suppress the immune system, instead … they build it up.
  • Improved Quality of Life.    What is a life if every moment you live you feel like dying?  Our treatments do not cause long term side effects.  In conventional medicine, long term chemotherapy makes life unbearable for breast cancer survivors.  Read our article about how adjuvant breast cancer treatments such as aromatase inhibitors (wordwide sales of $3.5 billion a year) can cause long-term damage to patient’s lives.  Hope4Cancer’s goal is to cut you loose once you are better, so that you can live your life!

We can go on, but lets stop here for now.  You can also read how alternative breast cancer treatments are helping Tamara overcome cancer, as well as her daughter’s perspective on how she and her mother are working together to overcome.   We look forward to bringing you updates on these amazing human beings (and others as well) as they continue their fight against the travesty called cancer.

(This article and testimonial, including the patient’s image, is published with the express consent of the patient.  Protecting your privacy is essential to us, we will never publish any information about a patient without their permission.)

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27 thoughts on “Two-Month Reversal for Stage IV Breast Cancer

  1. Where can such treatments be done? My wife has early stage breast cancer and is adamantly against surgery, chemo, etc. She is presently on a very restrictive diet that is supposed to help fight the cancer but we’re looking for more.
    Does Medicare or Tricare (military) insurance cover this treatment? If not, what is the cost?

  2. I’ve been through 16 rounds of chemo and surgery. Since I didn’t have a complete response to chemo my Dr suggested for me to do more chemo but as I’ve been reading more seems chemo does more harm than good to the body. I’m cancer free at the moment and would like to keep that way for a long time. Are there any options for someone who has done conventional but now looking for something unconventional?

    1. Absolutely! A very large percentage of our patients come to us after having gone through chemo/radiation/surgery only to find out later that the cancer has returned. A smaller percentage are like you – ready to take proactive action before it comes back. I have taken the liberty of sending your contact information to our patient counselors who may have already contacted you to discuss your case. You can also setup a free consultation by clicking this link.

  3. Hello my name is Beth and I have a family member who had breast cancer she fought it with chemo and radiation. Then she was diagnosed cancer free then 6 months later it spread to her brain. Then they did brain surgery and removed most of it, then it spread to her liver and she’s been doing more chemo and radiation. And it hasn’t shrunk the tumor on the liver. So now there telling her they can freeze it and that would give her 2 to 3 more years. Is it to late for her to try this type of treatment to cure her cancer?

    1. We believe that there is always hope, but it would be important for our doctors to review your family member’s case before giving you a clear idea of what is possible. To that end, I would recommend you request a free consultation to talk to one our patient counselors.

    1. Hi Marina,
      A lot depends on the case at hand and its evaluation by our medical team in Mexico. Conventional treatment statistics of course shows a decreasing opportunity for a cure as the stage becomes more advanced. Since this happens mainly because of the progressive failure of our body’s systems in the face of the advancing cancer, in that scenario integrative therapies that treat both the cancer and restore the body’s strength to deal with the disease become very important. Please feel free to contact our patient counselors for a free consultation.

      1. Hi, my Mum had breast cancer she had surgery , chemo and radiation 4 years ago. She had X-ray weeks ago and the result wasn’t good , she have ct scan 2 days ago and now we are waiting for the result but I’m afraid I guess her cancer come back and now spread to her lungs . I just wanna know what sort of natural treatment she can possible have . Thanks

        1. Hello Nerisa and thank you for reaching out. Our treatments are non-toxic and are gearded towards helping build up the patient’s immune system and preserving their healthy cells, rather than tearing down all cells in general. Many conventional treatments focus on the destruction of cancer cells which can weaken the patient’s immune system. A patient’s immune system needs to be strong to be able to fight off disease. Here is a list of our therapies: Also, here is a short film about our approach to treatment:

  4. I am Stage IV HER2 +++ and it has metastasized to my bones, lypmp node, lungs and radiation cleared it out of my brain. I am doing chemo every 3 weeks and would like to find an alternative method, especially for the brain mets. I am petrified that it will return to my brain.

    1. Hello Nicolette and thank you for reaching out. We are not able to give medical advice directly through our website, but please contact our admissions office at 888-544-5993 or go to and fill out the form and one of our admissions officers can get you a consultation with our doctor.

  5. I am not in US. My mother has been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer with metastasis to lungs and liver.

    How can I get your help while living in Pakistan?

    1. Hello Faisal and thank you for reaching out. We currently have two locations. The first is just 20 minutes south from the San Diego International Airport in the city of Playas de Tijuana. Our second facility is located in Cancun, Mexico. You can visit our location page for more details.

      Many patients when they are unable to travel for care at our facilities, we refer them to where they can look up local treatment if any that are availble in their area.

  6. Hello my name is Ofure and I am from Nigeria. My sister has just been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Please what kind of diet do you recommend? Do you have clinics or outreaches here in Nigeria?

    1. We are not able to give medical advice directly through our website, but please contact our admissions office at 888-544-5993 or go to and fill out the form and one of our admissions officers can get you a consultation with our doctor.

      We currently have two locations. The first is just 20 minutes south from the San Diego International Airport in the city of Playas de Tijuana. Our second facility is located in Cancun, Mexico. You can visit our location page for more details.

  7. my mom is suffering from 3rd stage breast cancer, shes still 36 years old.while she was pregnant with my brother she underwent chemo therapy and radiation last year however her condition now is getting worst, sometimes shes having difficulties in breathing, she can no longer walk or even sit. shes in bed for 4months and counting. can you please advice me how to help her? I really need some advice. Does uncooked food could help? (pertaining to meat and veggies).

    1. Hello Elena and thank you for reaching out. We are not able to give medical advice directly through our website, but please contact our admissions office at 888-544-5993 or go to and fill out the form and one of our admissions officers can get you a consultation with our doctor.

  8. I am in the uk and just been diagnosed stage 1 ductal, waiting to hear if it’s HER2 but don’t want chemotherapy

    Do you have clinics here?

  9. My friend was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in her liver. She was put on a chemo drug that stopped working after 3 months. So they did chemo and radiation which seemed to make it worse. She ended up in the hospital in December of 2019 because she fell while trying to walk up her stairs. They admitted her due to dehydration and said she was in liver failure. She got discharged and is now at home under hospice care, but cannot walk. She had a few good months but is now back to not being able to eat or sleep. They did another scan and told her there was nothing else they could do for her. She has withered away to nothing and her family has been told it is a matter of days before she passes. I have been praying for a miracle. She is 41 with 3 young boys, the youngest is in 1st grade. Is there anything that can be done for her?

    1. Hello Nicole,

      I am so sorry to hear about your friend and all she is going through. This has to be an extremely difficult time for her and her loved ones. You are welcome to call and speak to one of our patient coordinators to discuss the situation in greater detail and discuss possible options. Our team is in the office Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM or Saturday 9AM-1PM PST. US # 1.888.544.5993 / International #: +1.619.669.6511

      In the meantime, we are sending love and prayers her way.

  10. Hi. I’m Tinette. Recent sage four breast cancer diagnosis. It’s in my bones. I don’t want half kills you before you can get better. There has to a better way!

    1. Hello Tinette.
      We are so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. “Holistic” refers to being “whole.” From the standpoint of cancer treatment, it means that holistic methods are less about focusing on the tumors and more about treating the entire body that enabled the growth of cancer in the first place. Cancer is unique from other diseases because its cells are made of the same genetic material—albeit reprogrammed—as our healthy cells, which helps them thrive in specific environments created by a weakened immune system, acidic pH, overload of toxins, poor nutrient balance, and more. Holistic treatments seek to normalize the environment, treating the disease at its very roots. Here is a list of our treatments: Also, here is a short film and information about our approach to cancer treatment: Hope4Cancer may be a great option for you!

      Simply visit and fill out a few short questions. Once completed, you’ll be directed to a Thank You page where you have the option to book your own appointment time with an Admissions Counselor. If you do not book your own appointment, a member of our team will be calling as soon as possible. You are also welcome to call into our offices during business hours, Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM PST, Saturday 9 AM-1 PM. US # 1.888.544.5993 / International #: +1.619.669.6511

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