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A Thankful and Joyous Time of Year!

Seasons Greetings! My wife, Marcy, and I and the whole Hope4Cancer family want to wish all our patients and their families a happy, wellness-filled holiday season.

I love this time of year with all the traditions and good cheer. This season is very healing for me as I rejoice in my relationships with my family, friends, patients, healing team and God.

At the Jimenez house, we’ve decked our halls with boughs of holly and are all singing “fa la la la la la la la la la!” There is great anticipation as my twins await Santa’s arrival tonight and all the Christmas festivities tomorrow. I hope they truly understand the “reason for the season,” but I know the commercialism of Christmas is hard to avoid.

I long for the Christmases of my boyhood growing up in New Jersey. It was always fun to have a white Christmas — something we don’t experience here in the region around San Diego and Tijuana. Nonetheless, it is a joyous season no matter the weather or where we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. The Jimenez family wishes all of our patients, their families, and our healing community a very Merry Christmas.

Peace be with you all!

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