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Insights for Stress-Free Travel

As departure day draws near and you prepare to (literally!) embark on your Hope4Cancer journey, it is common for many of our patients to begin feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the many preparations required by a long-distance treatment program.

In hopes of removing some of the stress accompanied with travel, we’ve provided the following list of reminders and helpful information for you to utilize.

Also if you’re concerned at all by any travel advisories, we want to assure you that your trip and stay at either of our clinics are not in areas of concern nor government restriction. At Hope4Cancer we take the highest measures of care to ensure our patients and their companions safety.

For more information on this please read: Safely Traveling To Mexico

Travel Documents

Ensure passports are valid for the total duration of your stay and packed in a readily accessible place. As a good travel practice, we also recommend keeping a photocopy or photograph of important documents (passports, personal identification, and flight itinerary) with a reliable family member or friend who you can easily contact in the unlikely event of loss or theft. While entirely uncommon for our patients to experience, this simple preventative measure is nice to have in place as a safety net for anyone traveling internationally.

Baja patients only: Patients arriving in Mexico via car will need to purchase a $25.00 Visitor’s Permit at the border. This includes patients flying into San Diego International Airport, as you will physically cross the border in a Hope4Cancer shuttle.

If you are traveling from a country outside of the United States, please check with the Embassy or Consulate of Mexico in your country to ensure that you have all necessary travel documents.

Tickets and Itinerary

Most patients traveling by air arrive at San Diego International Airport (SAN) for our Baja clinic and Cancun International Airport (CUN) for our Cancun clinic. To reserve your clinic stay, please forward your confirmed flight itinerary to your Patient Counselor as soon as possible.

If you do not have access to an itinerary (i.e. you are not traveling by air), we request a small deposit up-front to confirm your spot. This deposit will be applied toward the cost of your treatment plan.

We accommodate all arrivals and departures Monday through Friday; please plan to arrive before 5 PM and depart after 11:30 AM.


Upon receiving your deposit or a confirmation of flight itinerary, your Patient Counselor will secure your accommodations. Baja in-patients will be assigned to an available room in our clinic, while reservations for Baja out-patients and Cancun patients will be handled as follows:

Baja out-patients: As an out-patient, your Patient Counselor will reserve a hotel room for you prior to your arrival. Your treatment plan includes the cost of of lodging, daily transportation between your hotel and the clinic, and transportation to/from the airport or your San Diego location. Meals, juices, and snacks will be served at the clinic for you and your companion at no additional cost.

Cancun patients: The admissions office will confirm your hotel reservations based upon availability of the hotels. You will receive a separate email from us detailing your hotel information and booking confirmation. Lodging, meals, and daily transportation between your hotel and the clinic are included in the cost of your treatment plan. Your companion can reside in your hotel room at no additional cost, but will be responsible for the cost of their meals. Please note that recreational activities and transportation between the airport and your hotel are not included in your treatment cost.

Returning patients: Click here for more information.


While both of our clinics often enjoy tropical weather, mornings and evenings can sometimes be chilly. Prepare to dress in light layers, especially during the winter season (December through February). We recommend packing about a week’s worth of comfortable, loose fitting clothing, as laundry service is available on-site.

Keep in mind that your suitcase will need some empty space to accommodate the components of your home program. Note: this requires your luggage to be checked in, not carried on, for the return trip home.


Baja: Prior to your arrival, our transportation coordinator will reach out to confirm arrangements. Our driver will meet you at the airport or your desired San Diego address and escort you across the border to our clinic doors (in-patients) or your hotel for check-in (out-patients).

Cancun: We provide transportation from the airport upon arrival, back and forth from the clinic, and then to the airport upon departure. Your companion is included as long as their travel schedule is the same.

Note: Please arrive fasting for 12 hours in preparation for lab tests.

Just Breathe

If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to pause for a few deep breaths, and remember that you are not alone! We are with you every step of the way and are readily available to answer any questions or address concerns should problems arise. If you have followed all the steps we have outlined, we assure you that you have done everything in your power to ensure a smooth travel experience.

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