Behavioral, Emotional, & Spiritual Transformation

The BEST Program at Hope4Cancer

Hope4Cancer’s BEST Program

The BEST program is a set of behavioral, emotional, and spiritual therapies strategically designed to help patients release past conflicts and present stressors that may be influencing disease. Through guided sessions, art therapy, and a range of therapeutic exercises, we are able to understand the emotional origin of disease and induce healing from the inside out. 

The BEST program also helps patients:

    • Understand different communication styles
    • Improve conflict resolution 
    • Identify emotional triggers
    • Strengthen the spiritual connection 
    • Replace negative thought patterns 
    • Reduce stress and anxiety 
    • Enhance present-moment awareness 
    • Increase feelings of happiness and peace 
    • Create meaningful life goals 
    • Improve wellbeing and quality of life, both during and after treatment 

Behavioral Healing and Cancer

Behavioral patterns are shaped by a variety of events and people throughout our upbringing. However, oftentimes these patterns are conditioned responses ingrained in us in early life stages that no longer serve a healthy purpose as time goes on. Behavioral transformation helps identify and modify the patterns that may be limiting you or prove destructive on your journey to healing. By providing insight into the internal factors that influence their perceptions of the external world, behavioral transformation helps patients cultivate a deeper sense of peace, even amidst challenging circumstances. There are many aspects of life that we cannot control, but we can learn how to regulate our behavioral response, which in turn has an effect on our physiological response. 

Emotional Healing and Cancer

Emotions are temporary states of being, often associated with feelings — reactions triggered by the amygdala in response to immediate physical or emotional needs. An integral part of daily life and crucial for the survival of the human species, even unpleasant emotions are part of an important response system. For example, fear alerts us to potentially life-threatening situations. However, when patients suppress emotions due to traumatic events or experience chronic exposure to stressors, the biological responses of fear, anxiety, and depression can become prolonged and heightened in the physical body, leaving us more susceptible to disease. Emotional transformation allows us to identify these heavy life stressors and equip patients with the tools to respond proactively in the face of undesirable situations. By illuminating the emotional origin of physical symptoms, we develop an inherent self-awareness and the ability to transform our internal reality. 

Spiritual Healing and Cancer

In the wake of any diagnosis or disease, many patients find themselves grappling with the bigger questions of life and its meaning. Spiritual healing offers time and space to explore these thoughts and concerns and guides patients through processing these feelings to achieve mental clarity. Additionally, the development of mindfulness and self-awareness in this spiritual setting gives patients the tools to make sense of life’s pains and create more meaning in the path that lies ahead. Using practical techniques, we focus on questions like: What do you want to see happen as you heal? Who do you want to become? What is your diagnosis revealing in your life?

A powerful part of every Hope4Cancer Healing Program, the BEST method is designed to walk alongside you as you learn to cultivate self-motivated healing and find a greater purpose behind your diagnosis. Through these powerful healing practices, our patients receive the tools and faith-based principles needed to create their own unbreakable inner peace, amidst a sometimes chaotic outside world.

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