Dr. Carlos Salinas, M.D.

Staff Physician

Cancun and Tijuana Centers

From an early age, Dr. Carlos Salinas knew that he wanted to pursue a profession that allowed him to help people in need. After discovering that medicine was his passion, he obtained his M.D. degree from the Autonomous University of Baja California, and began his journey into integrative medicine with Hope4Cancer in 2015.

As one of the two doctors chosen to open and subsequently expand the Cancun Treatment Center, Dr. Salinas spent several years working directly with patients and ensuring Hope4Cancer standards were upheld. Today, as part of the Admissions team, Dr. Salinas helps assess and consult with patients prior to their admittance into one of our treatment centers.

Having been a patient himself, Dr. Salinas considers patient interaction of the utmost importance. His role provides patients with a personal and positive experience from the start and throughout the entirety of their recovery journey, and he finds the appreciation of his patients and their heartfelt “thank you’s” as a rewarding source of motivation.

With valuable experience in many areas, Dr. Salinas also contributes to the Hope4Cancer Educational team, tasked with providing up-to-date education to all physicians and staff. From helping patients start their Hope4Cancer journey to his contributions in consistent internal development and growth, Dr. Salinas is instrumental in ensuring our patients have the best experience possible.

Dr. Carlos Salinas, M.D. is a licensed physician in Mexico.