Meet Dr. Alan Navarrete, M.D

Cancun Center Staff Physician

Get to know the team behind our world-class care before making your way to Mexico. Learn all about Dr. Alan Navarrete’s personal and professional journey into integrative medicine, the experiences that have shaped him the most, and why he loves working at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

Fascinated by medical innovation and its infinite possibilities, Dr. Alan Navarette always felt called to learn as much as possible in order to help patients find the most effective means of healing. In 2013, upon completing his M.D. degree at the Autonomous University of Baja California, he was therefore embarking on both a career in medicine and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

This passion for knowledge reflected in his field experience, Dr. Alan has worked in environments ranging from Olympic athlete rehabilitation at the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture in Baja California, to primary care at Grupo Médico Internacional, and to medical director of the rural mountain area, Monte Verde, Janos, Chihuahua’s, local clinical center. Though his professional path began in the conventional world, Dr. Alan found himself attracted to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers after seeing the parallels between integrative oncology and many rehab therapies that worked wonders for his patients despite not being supported by the conventional community.

Today, Dr. Alan’s diverse skill set now benefits patients and staff alike at Hope4Cancer Cancun, where he holds two titles: staff physician and medical training supervisor. As part of his commitment to providing patients with the best service possible, when he’s not helping our patients heal, Dr. Alan continues to pursue further education through various courses, specialized training, workshops, symposiums, and more. His achievements include awards and certifications in floss band therapy, shock wave therapy, ozone medical therapy, HIIT rehabilitation, hypopressive exercise, oncological physiotherapy, and infectious disease management, to name a few.

In staying up-to-date with the latest advances and evolutions in medicine, Dr. Alan has most recently completed his masters degree in Electrotherapy Rehab Medicine, as well as two COVID-19 prevention and patient management courses.

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