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Treatment Philosophy

At Hope4Cancer we follow 7 very important STEPS for each patient. This is our treatment philosophy and our approach to each patient.

Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy

STEP 1. Non-toxic Cancer Fighting Agents

At Hope4Cancer Institute we offer non-toxic therapies and products from research that we conduct in our various facilities around the world. Our Cancer fighting agents attack cell(s) that have changed and reproduce uncontrollably. Our therapies and products are perfectly safe to normal cells and will not harm vital, healthy tissues. The products and treatments are not likely to cause side effects, and are not derived from toxic or poisonous substances. Our therapies have been clinically shown to reverse and stop the spread of cancer, prevent metastases, and enhance your immune system. All of which results in improved quality of life and prolonged health.

Learn about our Non-toxic Cancer Fighting Treatments: Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy | Rigvir Virotherapy | Indiba Hyperthermia | Full Body Hyperthermia | Near Infra Red Lamp Therapy | Poly MVA | Vitamin C

STEP 2. Enhance / Optimize Immune System

Your immune system is an amazing protection mechanism. It is designed to defend you against harmful and invasive disease and illness. When cancer strikes, the integrity of your immune system is compromised leaving you to feel weakened and generally not well. At Hope4Cancer Institute we strengthen and optimize your immune system by using a series of products and techniques that enhance your own system's ability to fight cancer/mutated cells within your entire body. Our immune system enhancement program includes the use of biological vaccines which stimulate and promote an antigen-antibody response. This reaction will selectively attack and destroy cancer cells, the main goal in the fight against cancer.

Learn about our treatments to Enhance and Optimize your Immune System: Biological Vaccine (AARSOTA) | AloeMed Therapy | Immune Power Plus | Immuno Imagery

STEP 3. Full Spectrum Nutrition / Alkalinize

In order for your system to be 100% effective and achieve optimal health in its fight against cancer, a vast array of nutrients must be consumed in correct ratios and combinations. Full Spectrum Nutrition includes dietary intake of foods that contain a balance of compounds present in fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, fish, and plenty of alkaline water. Clinical Studies at Hope4Cancer Institute has shown that our alkaline oriented nutrition program provides support to the body's immune system. Your treatment protocol may also include the use of supplementation to enhance your balance of nutrient deficiencies and improve your overall health.

Learn about our Nutrition Treatments: Full Spectrum Nutrition | Alkalinizing Therapy | Bio-absorbable nutrients

STEP 4. Detoxification (heavy metals and toxins)

Our bodies are overwhelmed by pollutants which results in the inability to function properly or repair itself. "Toxins contribute to the onset of cancer, therefore removing toxins can cure or reverse cancer." At Hope4Cancer Institute we recommend detoxification through the use of Coffee Enemas and Near Infra-Red Saunas for anyone suffering from cancer and other chronic degenerative disease. Overall benefits of detoxification specifically helps aging and diseased individuals by improving brain function, digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as improve one's circulation. Lead and other toxic pollutants are found everywhere, in the air we breathe, the water we drink, even in our food supply. Our detoxification processes involve the removal of harmful metals and minerals from your body, to keep it functioning normally and enhance your recovery.

Learn about our Detoxification Treatments: Detoxification | Coffee Enema | Near Infra-Red Sauna

STEP 5. Eliminate Microbes/ Pathogens

Medical evidence suggest that cancer is a disease partly caused by infectious agents (fungus, viruses, bacteria and other less known pathogens, such as prions, cell-wall deficient forms). As stated by Virginia Livingston, M.D, "The cancer microbe is present in the blood, tissue, excreta, and body fluids of all human beings. When the immune system is functioning normally these microbes do not cause disease. However, when tissue is damaged or weakened, these microbes became aggressive and pathogenic." At Hope4Cancer Institute, our treatment modalities cause the breakdown and ultimate elimination of microbes and pathogens. Our clinical results has shown that adding these modalities has produced improved results.

Treatments to Eliminate Microbes and Pathogens: Ultra-Violet Blood Irradiation

STEP 6. Oxygenation

Increasing oxygen levels, at the cellular site, in an oxygen starved environment of a diseased body is an essential factor in reversing the anaerobic process. Many cancer patients reflect oxygen deprivation through fatigue, weakness, low hemoglobin counts, clumped red blood cells, and anemia. Oxygen therapies or oxidative therapies and their therapeutic uses available at Hope4Cancer Institute include, Intra-venous ozone, Ozonated water, stabilized liquid oxygen and topical ozone preparations. Oxygen (o2), along with foods, are the primary nutrients that cells use to generate energy for all their functions. An optimal cellular oxygen environment can result in physiological (normal) life process.

Treatments to Improve Oxygenation: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy | Cold Plasma Ozone Therapy | Rectal Ozone

STEP 7. Spiritual and Emotional Integrity

Support therapy is necessary for a well rounded treatment approach. It is not wise to treat only the disease, it is best to complete the process and treat the entire being. This means mind, body and spirit. At Hope4Cancer Institute we provide the most scientifically innovative and effective complementary support therapies. Our support therapies are provided to patients with cancer and other illnesses to increase circulation, oxygenation and promote relaxation. One of the important treatments that a patient goes through during their stay is Recall Healing, where we look to uncover traumatic episodes, often hidden to the patient, that may be at the root of the physiological changes that lead to cancer. 

As an organization, we believe in having God at the center of our lives.  We invariably find that all our patients who have a strong "God center", regardless of their faith, end up having the most beneficial recovery effect. In addition, the support therapies at Hope4Cancer Institute have important emotional and psychological benefits. They have been shown to alleviate or cause significant improvement in symptoms such as stress, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, pain, fatigue, and depression.

Method to Restore Spiritual and Emotional Integrity: Recall Healing


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