Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy
Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy is a Signature Therapy from Hope4Cancer Institute.  Dr. Tony Jimenez is one of three pioneers wordwide who have developed this method to treat cancers of different types and stages.  SPDT makes use of three components: a photo and sono-sensitive activator, a source of light and/or sound at the correct wavelengths, and a source of oxygenation.  Our photo and sono-sensitive activator consists of a non-toxic, non-invasive and highly effective orally consumed material optimized for effectiveness.  Our light and sound sources utilize the latest technology to deliver optimal levels, maximizing activation and penetration.  Read more about Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy below:


When patients come to us wanting a non-invasive, non-toxic therapy that can destroy their cancer cells without causing side effects, we offer the Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy.  Successful with prostate and other cancers, including those with metastases, this proven therapy is recognized world wide for it's gentle cancer killing effects. 

SPDT Therapy of young cancer survivorWhat is Sono-Photo?

SPDT has been around since the 1800s, very successful, but limited by the toxicity of the agents, that were not very selective for cancer cells and very toxic, essentially forms of Chemo. In the late 1990s, non-toxic agents were developed in Russia, primarily algae/chlorophyll, launching PDT into a whole new level of non-toxic, non-invasive cancer treatment.

SPDT involves getting an agent into the whole body, (originally by injection, now orally), which adheres to cancer cells, so that when light and now, sound, of the correct frequency is applied, the agent "explodes" into free radical oxygen, instantly killing the cancer cells which cannot survive in oxygen. For total and permanent recovery, it is still necessary to address the causes and even more important to do complete cleansing of toxins from the body, especially including all of the just killed cancer cells. SPDT is recently approved in the U.S., UK, and has been adopted by the Chinese Government. Experimental projects have recently been published in Toronto, Canada and other countries.

Under the direction of our Medical Director Antonio Jimenez, M.D., Hope4Cancer Institute offers the most comprehensive inpatient and take-home Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy protocol, complimented by careful work to identify and address the causes of the cancer.  SPDT has reached a new level of maturity and wide acceptance around the world as a safe and effective cancer treatment.  When combined with treatments that address the cause of the cancer and a complete detoxification program, even patients with advanced cancers can recover with out side effects.

Our latest innovations in the SPDT arena include the introduction of pulsed LED, multiple wavelength targeted technology.  We are currently researching a nanoparticle sensitizer for sonotherapy applications, which is close to implementation.

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy has been used in combination with other therapies to treat a number of cancers, including but not limited to the following:

  • Bone Cancer  
  • Brain Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancers
  • Leiomyosarcoma
  • Leukemia
  • Liver Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Melanoma
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Rectal Cancer 
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Urinary Bladder Cancer
  • Uterine Cancer
  • Vaginal Cancer

In addition to SPDT, Hope4Cancer offers many complementary therapies, including whole body and indiba hyperthermia, ozone therapy, our exclusive vaccine program, detoxification including massage and infrared saunas, nutritional counseling and exercise programs, biological dentistry, and emotional and spiritual counseling.  We monitor your progress with ultrasounds/sonograms, blood work, EKGs, physical examinations and through consultation with our medical doctors. 

Hope4Cancer Institute is a comfortable, clean and wholesome enviroment where you can relax, feel respected and cared for and begin your journey toward complete and total good health.

For more information about Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy, please visit our website:


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