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Unfortunately, dental toxicities are implicated as a major source of cancer, and we are not talking of just oral cancers.  Oral cancers themselves have a significant impact as they kill twice the number of people who die from cervical cancer each year.  But there are intrinsic toxicities that get caused by procedures that we often consider not just harmless, but required, that eventually lead to many types of cancer.  It is estimated that at least half of all chronic degenerative diseases and some types of cancer can be linked to dental amalgams, root canals, allergy producing dental materials, hidden infections and misalignment of the teeth and jaw.

The bottomline, you can try to fix the cancer where it manifests itself, but all efforts can be rendered useless if the source is not vanquished.  You have to also consider that your local dentist may not be as educated on these matters as you would like them to be.  So, let us take a look at the major sources of problems:

ROOT CANALS:  Approximately twenty-five million Americans undergo root canal therapy every year in an effort to prevent loss of teeth that have been infected.  The root canal is the left portion of the tooth which houses vital structures such as nerve and blood vessels.  The dental procedure seeks to clean out the root canal and fill it with inert material.  In the process of doing that, it disrupts the millions of dentinal tubules that allow the circulation of a lymphatic fluid that runs through the root canal area to the outside of the tooth, serviing the periodontal ligament as well as the nerve and blood centers in the root canal.  This irrigation prevents build up of microbial plaque in the healthy tooth.  A tooth with a root canal loses this ability, leading to accumulation of plaque.  As the fluid stagnates, the build up of toxins increases, and with time, this porous structure becomes a septic mass leaking poisons into the body. There are about 3 miles of tubule like structures where the bacteria can propagate once the fluid is not circulating. Is there a safe root canal, can it be done? The answer is:

There is no safe root canal!

DENTAL AMALGAMS:  Do you have a silver tooth filling?  If you do, think about getting it removed.  Silver fillings are really what are known as silver amalgams.  "Amalgam" refers to a complex of a metal (such as silver) and MERCURY.  Mercury is one of the most toxic substances in the world.  It is a well established neurotoxin, but we know it to be connected with many forms of cancer as well. Silver fillings contain anywhere from 49% - 54% mercury by weight.  These fillings release mercury vapors in small amounts, but enough to cause chronic toxicities as it bioaccumulates.   While reluctant to admit to the long term health consequences of dental amalgams, many dentists are slowly and steadily veering away from silver fillings to the safer and more natural looking resin composites. A World Health Organization report in 2009 recommended a changeover away from dental amalgams admitting that amalgams release "a significant amount of mercury" into the environment and can "raise general health concerns".  It should especially not be used because alternative sources of dental restoration are available. 

But wait, before you try to get your silver fillings removed, keep in mind that the process of removal of the filling, if not done properly, can release significant amounts of mercury vapor that can enter your blood stream.  In fact, it is estimated that mercury levels can go up by as much as 3-4 times in the blood stream, that can cause acute toxicities. 

CAVITATIONS:  A cavitation is a hole in the bone caused by a pulled tooth that has not healed correctly.  The tissue in the cavitation that once held the tooth in place gets infected and eventually becomes a bacterial cess pool.  The toxin producing bacteria can cause osteonecrosis (bone death), weaken the overall immune system and affect health without any obvious pain in the jaw area.  X-rays cannot detect cavitations.

BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY:  A biological dentist is a holistic dentist that looks at all aspects of the body's health while trying to fix dental problems.  They have methods to deal with the issues outlined above without causing the release of toxins into the body.  At Hope4Cancer Institute, we view the link between dental toxicities and cancer extremely seriously.  Our patients go through a thorough biological dentistry evaluation during the course of their stay, and are given recommendations to take care of issues.  If changes our needed, our local biological dentist can help at very favorable rates.

If you have cancer, or simply would like to take precautions, then we strongly recommend a biological dentistry evaluation.  Learn more about our non-toxic alternative cancer treatments by clicking here.  Take action, now!


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