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Recall Healing is a method that is used extremely effectively at Hope4Cancer Institute to gain access to deep-rooted emotional trauma that may, in many cases, have acted as the trigger for disease and have continued to feed its growth.   Correlations between emotional trauma and specific cancers have been mapped and can be used as a method to retrace back to emotional issues that the patient may not even be aware of today.  

Recall Healing presents a different dimension of looking at health and life.  It brings to life an understanding about who we really are, what we really feel - and the biological impact of that connection.  It gives us access to a new level of awareness, facilitating a quantum leap in our real understanding of life, health and disease.

Disease has meaning:  it shows us externally what, unknown to us, exists in the depth of our being. The awareness of what lies beneath starts the process of healing.  For example, becoming aware of a previous emotional trauma, as well as what you felt or the "felt experience" associated with this trauma and being able to let it go, allows the body to biologically free itself from the consequences of those deep rooted experiences.  The image above shows how most of our experiences are hidden deep within, and how our awareness typically only encompasses 10% of the entire reality.

To explain this better let us look at more tangible experience:  the concept of stress.  Stress lies within the 10% that we are acutely aware of in our everyday work.  But even for that, because of recurring habits, we tend to continue attracting people and conditions that constantly maintaiin us in a state of stress.  That chronic impact of stress is what connects us to disease.  The only way to win that battle is to recognize what causes the stress, and then to let it go.  

For most things that lay deep beneath that are causing disease responses, it is first important to simply be aware that they exist, accept the impact they can have and then finally let it go.  Our doctors have expertise in recall healing and will help you unlock the hidden mysteries in your subconscious mind that may be connected to your cancer.


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