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One of the key differences between alternative and conventional therapies is that alternative therapies combine a series of treatments that together provide a "whole body" healing experience.  The underlying driving philosophy is not just to save and extend lives but also to help improve and maintain quality of life.  Some of these treatments are considered our maximum impact therapies, or "Core Therapies", forming the backbone of most patient treatment programs.  Here is a short description of each. 

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Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy utilizes specific light and sound wavelengths to activate a substance that concentrates in cancer cells and responds to cause a cancer killing effect.  Sonodynamic Therapy and Photodynamic Therapy are well-researched treatment modalities that have been around for decades.  Dr. Jimenez is one of three pioneers in the world that has demonstrated the synergy between the two methods.  Hope4Cancer's non-toxic sono and photo sensitive substance is taken orally and is devoid of side effects.  We used advanced pulsed LED lamp and ultrasonic technology to maximize the impact of the therapy.  Click here for more information.

Hyperthermia, the effect of elevated temperatures on cancer cells is a very well accepted treatment therapy that is used in conjunction with mainstream therapies as well.  Hyperthermia at Hope4Cancer Institute is used as an adjunctive therapy to other non-toxic treatments such as Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy.  We use the Indiba method, a unique therapy that produces high local heat in firm tissue. It is painless, non-invasive and does not produce any toxicity. Click here for more information.

The benefits of Aloe are well documented.  Best known for its numerous polysaccharides, including acemannan, that potently stimulate the immune system, Aloe is used in numerous applications such as healing and repair, anti-inflammatory, resolving digestive problems, alkalizer, cardiovascular performance and more.  Our Aloe product delivers the highest known acemannan content in a uniquely oral formulation.  Click here for more information.

At Hope4Cancer Institute we have a proprietary method to extract from urine the proteins that are produced by cancer cells.  From these proteins we develop a biological vaccine known as "Autologous Antigen Receptor Specific Oncogenic Target Acquisition" or AARSOTA.  This vaccine is administered at specific intervals to promote antigen-antibody response.  The antibodies generated are specific to the cancer type in the body.  Click here for more information.

Spiritual and emotional healing is a key component of winning the war against cancer.  Recall healing is a method that was developed based on the observation that mental trauma is correlated to disease formation and location.  Recall healing gives our patients a deeper understanding into who they really are and the relationship of their thoughts and biological beings.  Click here for more information.


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