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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where is the Hope4Cancer Institute located?
  2. If I am not comfortable driving in Mexico are there any other options?
  3. What are the costs for treatment at the Hope4Cancer Institute?
  4. How long is the treatment at the Hope4Cancer Institute?
  5. Is there a follow-up program at the Hope4Cancer Institute?
  6. Will my insurance cover the treatment at the Hope4Cancer Institute?
  7. What are the facilities provided at the Hope4Cancer Institute?
  8. What do I need to bring to the clinic?
  9. Are there any tourist venues I can enjoy during my stay at the clinic?
  10. What if I cannot travel to your clinic?

1. Where is the Hope4Cancer Institute located?

The Hope4Cancer Institute is located 10 minutes south of the Border in Baja California, Mexico. Our Institute is conveniently located 30 minutes from the San Diego International Airport.

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2. If I am not comfortable driving in Mexico are there any other options?

YES, there are two other options.

  1. Drive to the border on Interstate 5 South until you come to the last USA exit which is Camino de la Plaza. Take this exit and continue straight into the Paid Parking Lot ($9.00 per day). Park in this lot and follow the signs that lead you into Mexico by walking. Immediately after crossing the border you will see the YELLOW TAXI station. Please call the clinic 1-888-544-5993 to provide you with the exact address in Mexico. The approximate cost should be $10.00 each way.
  2. Another option is to call the clinic 1-888-544-5993 and arrange for our driver to pick you up on the US side of the border. At that time, a designated meeting place will be arranged. Our driver will take you to our facility and then return you to the border after your stay.  Our patient coordinator will help you facilitate the process.

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3. What are the costs for treatment at the Hope4Cancer Institute?

Costs vary upon diagnosis and the treatment plan designed for you. Prior to your arrival to Hope4Cancer Institute, our Admissions Team representative will discuss your treatment plan with you along with the associated costs and room availability. Following that discussion, you will receive a contract outlining your treatments and costs.  Please feel free to ask our representatives any questions at this stage.  Once the contract is signed, you will be cleared to travel to the clinic.

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4. How long is the treatment at the Hope4Cancer Institute?

The typical stay at Hope4Cancer Institute is 2-3 weeks. If your diagnosis does not require Sono-Photo-Dynamic Therapy, your treatment protocol will be individualized according to your needs. Every cancer must be treated specifically to its cell type and your physician will determine the length of stay after he has reviewed your records.

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5. Is there a follow-up program at the Hope4Cancer Institute?

Our philosophy at the Hope4Cancer Institute is to embrace each patient entirely as a member of our family. Our Home Program Support System places our Home Program Support Consultants in contact with the patient over the phone, webcasts, email and through our proprietary software communication system. We will systematically monitor your supplements, lab results, and all scans, in conjunction with your local physician if needed, after you return home. 

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6. Will my insurance cover the treatment at the Hope4Cancer Institute?

Payment Information
Costs relating to treatment at Hope4Cancer Institute can vary depending on your treatment protocol. Our Patient Liaison will discuss costs with you based on your individualized treatment plan during a telephone consultation prior to your admission.

Once you have made the commitment to have your treatment performed at Hope4Cancer Institute, you will be asked to make an initial deposit. This deposit is required in order for us to begin organizing and arranging your individualized treatment plan.

We accept many forms of payment. Options for you to choose from are cash, wire transfers, personal check, cashier's check and money orders.  Credit cards are not accepted.

Although it is unusual, additional expenses may occur as a result of special tests or treatments during your stay at Hope4Cancer Institute. If additional expenses are incurred, you will be notified. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Insurance Claim Services
Depending on the type of insurance you have, you may or may not be entitled to reimbursement from your medical insurance company for your treatment at our facility. Hope4Cancer Institute does not process insurance claims, however, as a courtesy we do provide you with contact information for Billing Services, a third party, fee based insurance billing service who does offer to process your claim(s). In order to process your benefit claim(s), you will be asked to provide necessary insurance information and a copy of your insurance card.

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7. What are the facilities provided at the Hope4Cancer Institute?

  • High Speed Cable Internet
  • Wireless Internet (bring your laptop if you wish)
  • Satellite TV (Direct TV) in every room
  • Laundry service as required
  • Pacific Ocean beach access across the street (boardwalk)
  • Private rooms with 2 beds and a bathroom (unless outpatient)
  • Private telephone in every room with unlimited incoming and outgoing call capability within the USA and Canada
  • Healthy, Organic, and varied food
  • Personalized physician care 7 days a week
  • Pick-up at the airport or place of arrival
  • Tours and trips in Tijuana and San Diego - available upon request
  • Beach front view rooms with frequent dolphin sightings (not all rooms have ocean view)
  • English speaking staff
  • Peaceful and non-imposing treatment rooms
  • Safe and tranquil location (isolated from the hustle and bustle of typical Mexican cities)
  • Thirty (30) minute drive from the San Diego International Airport; ten (10) minute drive from the USA/San Ysidro border
  • 110 Voltage outlets (same as USA)

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8. What do I need to bring to the clinic?

Please consult your Pre-Arrival Guide that you should have received from your patient coordinator for more details.

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9. Are there any tourist venues I can enjoy during my stay at the clinic?

Baja California Tours – the northern most state in Mexico
While receiving treatment at our clinic, why not take some time to sit back and enjoy while discovering the old and the new of Tijuana? Described as Mexico’s fastest growing city, you will visit key points of interest and enjoy the sights, shops, history, and heritage of mexican communities. Note: You are responsible for fees and charges incurred during your tour, including any admission fees, food services, beverages, etc.
Downtown Tijuana Tour – Visit the main shopping area of Tijuana. Shop more than 400 different types of stores and boutiques of Tijuana while bargaining on your favorite mexican curios. Visit mexican historical figures, art exhibits and a museum collection that is world class. Explore the rich residential area of Chapultepec where mini mansions and gated communities are contrast to the more well known poverty stricken areas of Tijuana.

  • Avenidad Revolution /Tijuana
  • Zona Del Rio/Tijuana Cultural Center
  • Chapultepec
Business / Industrial Tijuana Tour

Tijuana is the fourth largest city in Mexico and the world’s largest producer of televisions. During this tour you may be able to participate in informational sessions of doing business in Mexico in an American business community. Companies include electronics, automotive, medical, and aerospace, with recognizable names.

  • Sharp Electronics
  • Sony de Tijuana
  • Delphi Connection Systems
  • Matsushita
  • Powerware International
  • Avery Dennison
  • Kenmex
  • Mabamex/Mattel
Baja Beach Tour

As the western most city in Latin America, Tijuana and the surrounding areas host some of the most beautiful costal views in the world. Enjoy a day of sunshine, relaxation, and refreshments as you discover your way through the beachside communities of the Baja Pacific Ocean. During this tour you will enjoy the beauty of beaches, the legendary hotel and resort Rosarito Beach Hotel, the rocky cliffs of Calafia, and the sweet taste of lobster; Puerto Nuevo Style!

  • Rosarito Beach
  • Real del Mar
  • San Antonio
  • Calafia
  • Puerto Nuevo
Foxploration Tour

Since opening in 1996, eight movies have been filmed here, along with several television shows, commercials and video productions. This venue is famous for it’s’ construction and shooting of the 1997 movie Titanic. You will be able to enjoy many sets used during filming such as the dining salon, the boiler room set, and Cal and Roses’ room. Capture the magic of filmmaking while touring and exploring over 40 acres of excitement encompassing over 2,000 feet of beachfront. Walk the streets of New York, climb a sky-scraper, and film your own movie sequences. Props, costumes, and set pieces include exhibits from movies such as Titanic, Planet of the Apes II, Hello Dolly, Master and Commander, and more. Visit Fox Studios, a behind-the-scenes, movie making park, south of the border!

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10. What if I cannot travel to your clinic?

This is unusual, but in specific cases we might be able to qualify you for a home only program, please contact us if you would like to discuss your options.


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