The Home Program

The Home Program

From the moment you arrive at Hope4Cancer Institute you become part of our commitment to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. We know that good care extends beyond the treatment you receive at our facility. At Hope4Cancer Institute we don't forget about you when your treatment is over. Your health is just as important for us every day after you leave our facility as it was the day you arrived. We ask that you remain a member of the Hope4Cancer family as we sustain our quality care into your home on your return. 

The Home Program forms the backbone of your long term healing process.  We make ourselves available in different ways to help you along the way.  Prior to leaving our facility, a discharge interview with your doctor will include information on the use of medications, supplements, nutrition, exercise, and any other necessary discharge information including a Home Program.  

Your Home Program affords you 12 weekly phone consultations and one year of email/online support, Sono or Photo Dynamic Therapy supplies for a full year, comprehensive monthly evaluations for one year using state-of-the-art software and communication systems, access to weekly webcasts and more. Through our consultants you will have access to the advice of the same doctors who treated you at the clinic.  Over time you will see many friendships form with our compassionate and dedicated team.

The purpose of our Home Program Support Package is to strategically empower you to take action, stay regular with your lab tests and imaging. We will assist you in reporting your symptoms, concerns and questions in a systematic manner to ensure that you get the correct advice.  Consistent contact with you is the best way to evaluate your response to treatment. It also helps with preventing situations from festering into bigger problems.  We suggest that you maintain a strong relationship between yourself, your local physician and the Hope4Cancer Home Program Support Team to ensure the best quality care and steady recovery. 


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