Message from Dr. Tony Jimenez

As Founder and Medical Director of Hope4Cancer Institute, our Baja Center dedicated to the treatment of cancer and other chronic conditions.  I have over 24 years of experience in alternative and conventional cancer and chronic disease treatments in both the United States and Mexico. Using my resources and experiences as a general practitioner in medicine at the beginning of my career, I very soon shifted my focus to oncology and began exploring complementary medicine in Canada, China, Thailand, Japan, India, Singapore, Africa, South America, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Spain, the Caribbean, Taiwan, Norway, Sweden, the United States, and Mexico. 

I welcome the challenge of bringing recovery to patients suffering from cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases. Even though I was initially trained to perform conventional treatments, I feel there are better protocols to treat chronic conditions other than with radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy.

Our featured treatments include Rigvir Cancer Virotherapy, Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, AARSOTA Vaccine, PolyMVA, AloeMed and many others. Because of my extensive oncology research in the field of complementary approaches I am often considered a leading expert in this field, and invited to speak on alternative treatments for cancer at medical seminars and meetings around the world.  I am proud of a dedicated staff and a committed management team that strives everyday to not miss a beat in providing the best possible healthcare for our patients.  Through our Home Program Support program, we demonstrate our long term commitment to your recovery. 

I encourage you to take an active role in your journey back to health. Our approach allows you to become empowered to participate in your treatment protocol which includes diagnosis, testing, treatment and recovery.  We have observed that the empowered patient demonstrates a much higher chance of recovery than others.  We encourage you to take charge of your life.

Maybe it all begins with a phone call?  I invite you to explore your options and contact our Institute for your personal consultation.

Thank you for choosing Hope4Cancer Institute.

In Good Health,

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D.


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